Vessel Information Management

Vessel Information Management

Vessel Information Management

VIM is a unique service in the industry today for the exchange of information, reports and forms between ship and shore and shore to ship. The system provides a central data that logs, stores and analyses all the reports transmitted Maximum AdaptabilityVIM system can merge with a company’s reporting requirements. It is flexible and adaptable to any changes in regulations or trading patterns.Low Cost
Available on a subscription basis, VIM can be quickly up and running with the minimum of commercial risk. Costs are highly competitive and reflect the size of system needed.
Easy Installation


VIM is based on the industry standard Adobe Acrobat which can be installed by non technical personnel. Complete VIM system installation and control is via Inmarsat with no ship board visits required.

Crew Training
Remote user training whilst vessel at sea.
Live Web Reporting

Live 24 x 7 interactive web site, independent of in house systems, provides an overview and monitors the sequence and timeliness of the vessel’s reports. Full management alerting service via SMS, e?mail and telex.

ISM and SOLAS have statutory requirements for a number of reports from daily position to arrival and departure. A predefined incident report must be sent to various authorities and the performance of a large number safety drills must be reported.

Countries and Ports all have individual requirements for vessel, cargo and crew reports including the USA where strict adherence to report content and form is essential. A raft of reports on waste disposal will be needed in the near future and fines in the millions of dollars are being imposed for non?compliant disposal of oil wastes. Presentation of up to date and appropriate logs is crucial.

How can it enhance vessel management?
1.Using industry standard software ensures that VIM in easy to roll out across the fleet. Without the need for ship board visits for installation and training. This offer a considerable cost saving when compared to other systems.
2.VIM can be installed in stages as major system changes are simple to make via satellite and do not involve the crew.
3.The WEB site is unique in providing a live interactive overview of the entire fleet, status of the vessels reports, alerts for over due and missing forms. In short this ensures the owner / manager is fully informed on the compliance of his vessels.

VIM – Summary of Features

  • Low entry cost
  • Totally managed service
  • No ship visits for installation and training
  • No on board or shore based servers required
  • Automatic checking for non?conformity
  • Alerts sent for any missing or overdue reports
  • Remote training in transit
  • Ensures compliance with ISM and Solas
  • Remote updating