Product Description

eGlobe™ is a type-approved ECDIS featuring a high quality 24” panel display, inbuilt dual RAID drives and redundant power supplies, combined with a unique docking station that allows fast system installation and exchange.
eGlobe™ comes pre-filled and pre-configured for ChartWorld ACES a SENC data service powered by the Admiralty world ENC Data-set, combined with an extra information overlay containing the latest Admiralty T&PNMs and ENC specific preliminary chart information (AIO).
eGlobe™ is a market-leading combination of cutting-edge technology and comprehensive navigation data services    delivered in a cost-effective and straightforward package.

Key facts about eGlobe ECDIS

  • 24” panel PC  1920 x 1080  full HD w/ LED backlight.
  • 2 x simultaneous running removable HDD in the master & backup unit guarantees a triple back up.
  • Preloaded ENC charts and pay what you use
  • Dual power connection
  • User friendly and cost effective system.
  • World wide support


eGlobe world wide support in:
• Amsterdam • Rotterdam • Antwerp • Hamburg • Bremerhaven • Kiel • Gibraltar • Barcelona • Vigo
• Miami  • Houston • Bangkok Long Beach • Yokohama • Tokyo • Busan • Shanghai • Qingdao • Guangzhou            
• Hong Kong • Port Klang • Jakarta  • HCMC • Singapore

ChartWorld does not only supply ECDIS, but provides eSeries – an “ECDIS as a Service” solution. They are:

eQuip –  changing to ECDIS and paperless navigation starts with a good plan. ChartWorld’s free of charge Paperless Action Plan (GAP) helps make the move quick, easy and successful.
eGlobe –  a market-leading combination of cutting-edge technology and comprehensive navigation data services delivered in a cost-effective and straightforward package 24” panel full HD ECDIS.
eServe –  a maintenance concept that provides a life-long update program, yearly certified APT and a service cost flat rate that includes 24/7 customer support and a system exchange service that guarantees a replacement ECDIS at your next port within one working day, ready for installation by our support network of trained service engineers.
eChart –  a complete navigation data service, including Advanced Chartworld ENC Service (ACES). With eChart you will receive ChartWorld’s leading data services, and the ChartBrowser, the free of charge chart selection tool makes route handling, chart ordering and managing easy.
eCert –  delivers high quality generic and type-specific ECDIS training using a combination of traditional class-based training and the latest web-based E-Learning programs to provide maximum operating safety and crewing flexibility.