Marine Quality Kit

Marine Quality Kit

Marine Quality Kit

Marine Quality Kit is a portable tool to monitor real time strain, fatigue and accelerations. This is a mobile system which allows the system to be easily transported and installed on any given structure, in or outdoors.

In combination with FAMON fatigue measuring and monitoring software it also provides a crew, owner or contractor with fatigue data. An accelerometer is added to combine real-time strain and fatigue data with sea state conditions and allow the crew to adjust speed and heading to lower stress on the structure.

The system can be used either as a measuring device for post-hoc readout and analysis, or a real-time monitoring device. In this last set-up information is send to the bridge via a wireless connection.


  • Post-hoc analysis of strain
  • Post-hoc analysis of motions
  • Comparison to maximum strain
  • Real-time monitoring of strain
  • Real-time monitoring of motions
  • Tool for making real time adjustments to heading and speed to reduce fatigue damage
    (Fatigue) damage report of transported object


  • Strain sensors (on request)

Motion Sensors

  • Three directional (x,y,z)
  • Acceleration range (+/-2g)
  • Sensitivity 1000 mV/g
  • Resolution 540 ug