Case Study

Case Study

Track a Vessel without Needing Additional Hardware - Case Study

Tracking a Vessel, especially when it involves multiple vessels with different hardware installed, presents unique challenges. Here’s a real-life case study that demonstrates how Falcon Mega Track (FMT) solved this exact challenge for a shipping company.

Challenge: Last month, a shipping company with a significant challenge needed a solution to track their fleet of vessels, each equipped with different tracking hardware.

Solution: Our technical team at Falcon Mega Track conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s needs and proposed a comprehensive solution.

Integration of Existing Hardware: We integrated the various terminals installed on their vessels with our Falcon Mega Track platform. This allowed the company to continue using their existing hardware, avoiding the need for costly new installations.

1-Month Demo: We provided a month demo to allow the company to experience our platform’s capabilities and ensure it met their requirements.

Outcome: The shipping company was highly satisfied. Our solution not only met their tracking needs but also enhanced their operational efficiency and safety.

Following the successful demo, they decided to integrate their entire fleet with FMT.

For more information on how Falcon Mega Track can enhance your fleet’s tracking and monitoring capabilities, reach out to us at for a demo.