KW 912- 48 Step Per Degree RTU

KW 912- 48 Step Per Degree RTU

KW 912- 48 Step Per Degree RTU

The KW 912 enables replacement gyros to be fitted whilst retaining the existing repeaters which accept 48 steps per degree. (C Plath and others)

The retransmission unit accepts gyro signals of six steps per degree or NMEA 0183 heading data and converts these inputs to operate two pole stepper motors. A maximum of four repeaters can be driven at any one time. The KW 912 uses integrated circuits to provide variable current control to the motors. This allows the unit to match the existing system.

Alarm contacts are fitted to allow for a remote alarm installation.


  • DC stepper, six steps per degree, contactless synchro or NMEA 0183 heading data.


  • Maximum of four repeaters plus illumination


  • 110/220 Volts AC nominal or 24 Volts DC


  • 500mm x 400mm x 150mm


  • Bulkhead