Dynamic Positioning System (DPS)

Dynamic Positioning System (DPS)

Dynamic Positioning System (DPS)

What is DP ?

Dynamic Positioning –

  • Automatically maintaining the heading and position of a ship using a computer control system to drive the propulsion systems including thrusters, engines and rudders.
What does DPS  Consist ?
  • User Interface
  • Control Computer(s)
  • Propulsion
  • Reference sensors

A typical DP2 Schematic :

Wartsila DP (former L3 DP) – NACOS Platinum Series

The NACOS Platinum Dynamic Positioning System DP platinum version 3rprovides the next step in advanced vessel control ranging from simple joystick and DP class 0 configurations to complex class 3 integrated solutions.
With L-3´s unique position as a leading supplier of dynamic positioning, navigation, vessel automation and electric propulsion, NACOS Platinum is a perfect platform for providing fully integrated vessel solutions.



– Over 25 years in the Vessel Controls Industry

– Evolved from the pioneering developments of Honeywell Offshore Division

– Key part of Nautronix Group until acquired by L-3 in June 2006

– Proven 4th , 5th , 6th and 7th generation (Platinum) systems in operation

Features – the 7th Generation Platinum DP

NACOS Platinum is L-3’s largest controls development program in 10 years

Developed jointly with Ergonometric & Human factor research institutes, views from Experts in the marine and offshore industry and customer feedback

Applies User Centered Design (UCD) delivering the best HMI design in the market, easy to learn for novices and experts

Only commercial platform in the market offering real integration of Station-keeping, Automation, Control and Navigation Systems on multi-functional workstations

This is achieved by using our common hardware and software platform. Leading to numerous advantages such as system flexibility in engineering works, installation, commissioning and long-term maintenance