Steering Gears

Steering Gears


AutoNav Steering Gears – Quality design you can depend on

Autonav Marine Systems Inc. designs and manufactures manual hydraulic and electrohydraulic steering systems, their electronic controls and monitoring systems, as well as a range of autopilots suitable for vessels from 18 to over 1000 feet (5 to 300 meters) in length.

A full range of marine electronics, navigation and communications systems including automatic pilots, marine computers, high brightness flat panel displays, dynamic positioning systems, machinery alarm control systems and voyage recorders form the basis of intelligent Autonav network systems.

Design You Can Count On, Construction You Can Trust

The new Type P Electrohydraulic Steering System was designed by Paul Wagner, whose father, William Wagner, pioneered the original concepts.
William invented the world’s first manual hydraulic steering system for small vessels in 1936. Since then, he and son Paul have developed a wide range of larger electrohydraulic steering systems which have been successfully installed on many types and sizes of vessels worldwide.

The latest and most sophisticated designs reflect decades of experience, refinements and improvements. The results are wellproven, robust, and highly efficient steering systems – which some say are the best in the industry.

Competitively priced, every AutoNav steering system is built and tested for severe service to ensure you performance perfection.

AutoNav Rotary Vane Hydraulic Steering Type R… – Designed by Paul Wagner

The AutoNav medium pressure rotary vane is a compact, simple and mechanically efficient rudder actuator. Field proven performance and reliability confirm its suitability for all types of commercial and naval vessels. AutoNav rotary vane steering gears were designed in co-operation with the National Research Council of Canada and meet the requirements of classification authorities through the world.


  • Automatic actuator isolation
  • Maximum volumetric efficiency
  • Mechanical efficiency exceeds 90%
  • Long life, low friction seals
  • Integral self-lubricated radial and carrier bearings
  • Easy “chock fast” mounting provides self alignment and eliminates fitted bolts
  • Rudder positioning accuracy exceeds 0.2″
  • Second generation long-life, low-leakage seals eliminate problems associated with older designs
  • Totally enclosed and oil filled actuator is corrosion proof

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