KW950E Digital Heading Repeater

KW950E Digital Heading Repeater

KW950E Digital Heading Repeater

Whenever a DIGITAL HEADING REPEATER with RATE OF TURN INDICATOR is called for think of the KW950.

The KW950 outputs NMEA 0183 and is therefore ideal as a gyro interface.

Points to note are that it will interface gyros that competitors can not interface. The simplicity of the KW950 makes it very LOW COST. All the connections use PLUGGABLE terminal blocks. They lift off to ease wiring. Cable entry via glands.

The DIN case is the industry standard, with a lip for panel mounting,

The data output options make the KW950 ideal for survey use, and ECDIS interfacing.


DC Stepper six steps per degree, 26/115 Volt 50-400 Hz synchro 1 rev/deg, 90x Contactless transmitter, M-Type or NMEA 0183, GPS, Log pulses 200 or 400 pulses per mile, echo sounder transmit and receive pulses, NMEA 0183 heading sentences. Gyro has priority. Cetrek, Yokogawa, Robertson, SG Brown proprietary data, Anschutz Coursebus. Or in pass-through mode, GPS data.


NMEA 0183 default $HEHDT,x.x,T & $HEROT
One per second & whenever heading changes.
Or Robertson, Yokogawa, SGB data, Anschutz Coursebus.
“Pass-through” mode. Heading and GPS data.
Speed or depth NMEA 0183.
Two 5v CMOS drivers for Furuno data and clock or Yokogawa 2400 baud data.

Baud Rate

Variable 2400, 4800 (default) 9600, 38400
The data inputs can not handle 38400 baud as standard.


4 digit red LED 0.6 inch, 15mm high for heading. Adjustable illumination using buttons.


3 push button switches for align, increase and decrease.
Power : 10 to 32 Volts DC 5 Watts


Via cable glands to removable terminal blocks.


DIN case 144 wide, 72 high, 142 mm deep. Flame retardant to DIN 43700.
Supplied with screw clamps for panel mounting and a trunnion.