Isatdock 2

Isatdock 2

IsatDock2 MARINE

BEAM IsatDock2 MARINE is an IP54 rated intelligent docking station for the IsatPhone 2 specifically designed for maritime application. The MARINE Dock supports voice services via Bluetooth, RJ11/POTS, handsfree speakerphone or the active privacy handset. The IsatPhone 2 is completely enclosed in the docking unit whilst still giving full access and functionality to the user.

The IsatDock2 MARINE supports Personal Alert and Assistance Alert functionality of the IsatPhone 2 handset. Personal Alert messages can be triggered via a single button press on the IsatDock2 MARINE. It will instantly send your GPS position as well as your pre-configured message via SMS or email. The MARINE Dock also supports the installation of an external pendant or alert button that can be fitted in a convenient location.

The IsatDock2 MARINE allows the IsatPhone 2 handset to be used in a wide variety of maritime applications, the intelligent RJ11/POTS interface enables cable runs of up to 600m to connect standard corded, cordless or DECT handsets to be used or alternatively interfaced with a PBX system presenting standard ring, busy and dial tones like a standard phone network.

The IsatPhone 2 handset, fits securely in the dock, its features include phone charging, USB data port, in-built ringer and allows antenna and power to be permanently connected to the Dock ready for use.

Key Features


  • All-in-one design
  • IP54 Maritime grade design
  • High quality ABS plastic
  • Enhanced phone/docking mechanism
  • Robust USB & Audio Connection
  • Accessible control buttons
  • Dedicated Personal Alert button on dock
  • Auto sensing off hook Privacy Handset
  • Complete cover over IsatPhone 2
  • Single action insertion
  • Single button release
  • In-built speakerphone for handsfree
  • Wall or desk mounting bracket
  • Cable routing LEFT/TOP/BOTTOM
  • Integrated antenna connection (GPS/GSPS)
  • Easy access to Assistance & Track buttons on IsatPhone 2
  • Best suited for maritime applications



    • Configured on IsatPhone 2
    • Instant Personal Alert button on dock
    • Configured on IsatPhone 2
    • Supports external I/O to trigger Assistance
    • Alert via pendant or button activation


  • Supports up to 600m of RJ11
  • Dial, ring & busy tones
  • Integrate to PABX System
  • Supports standard corded & cordless phones
  • Auto-dial & speed dials available


  • 10-32V DC Input
  • 110-240V AC plug pack, included


  • Personal Alert button
  • In-call mute
  • Ringer volume UP/DOWN
  • In-call volume UP/DOWN
  • Speakerphone button



  • Charges IsatPhone 2
  • RJ11/POTS interface
  • PABX Integration
  • Supports Assistance Alert & Tracking via IsatPhone 2
  • 2 year repair/replacement warranty
  • Active Privacy Handset
  • In-built handsfree speakerphone
  • Adjustable in-built ringer
  • Mute facility
  • Status LED with adjustable brightness
  • USB data access
  • Includes IsatDock2 adapters (2x)