ZNR-208 8ch NMEA Buffer is a high reliable serial data distributor for relaying NMEA 0183 data to 8 listeners. It receives 2 NMEA signals and
splits one of them into 8 NMEA output ports. It is very useful for safety navigation with protecting system faults. If one GPS input signal is lost then ZNR-208 selects another GPS input signal automatically (or manually), and it maintains to output without any system errors. ZNR-208 is able to receives any type of serial data such RS422, RS232, 5V TTL signal. Also, it has both high voltage protection and reverse input protection too. 2 output ports of 8 outputs are able to be selected RS422 or RS232 type. This NMEA Buffer provides full DC isolation between input signal, output signal and input power
each other. NMEA Buffer is also called as a splitter, a distributor, an expander and an amplifier



  • Compliance with NMEA 0183 and IEC61162-1 Standard
  • Compliance with EIA RS422 (ITU-X.27/V.11)
  • Compliance with EIA RS232 Standard

NMEA Input

  • 2 NMEA Inputs
  • Support all RS422 (NMEA 0183), RS232, Current Loop and 5V TTL
  • Automatically or Manually switched between Input A and B
  • Primary Input Port is able to be specified
  • Up to 115,200bps

DIP SW (Left Side)

  • SW 1 : Select primary(default) Input port (A or B)
  • SW 2 : Select change mode (Automatic or Manual change)
  • Auto Baud Rate Detection

NMEA Output

  • 8 Independent RS422 (NMEA 0183) Ports
  • 2 Output Ports (Port 7 and 8) are able to be configured independently for both RS422 and RS232 by each jumper
  • Supports Up to 115,200bps

Display (Left Side)

  • Input Power : Red LED
  • NMEA Data Input : Green LED (Each A and B Input)

Protection (Circuits)

  • Input Data Circuit : Over Voltage Input Protection (36V 1min)
  • Output Data Circuit : Over Current and Surge Voltage Protection
  • Input Power Circuit : Reverse Input and Over Current Protection

Temperature (Operation)

  • -15°C~+55°C (-59℉~131℉)

Input Power

  • 18~32VDC, Approximately 200mA
  • Electric Fuse, No Replacement Required
  • Optional : DC12V (9~16V)


  • 193 x 139 x 49 mm / 1.0 kg (7.6 x 5.5 x 1.9 in / 2.2 lb.)

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