X-VHF Mini Voyage Data Recorder


Clear communications are a vital part of marine operations. The X-VHFR VHF recorder maintains, in a secure retrievable form, a record of communication and location data that may be used for training and education or for marine incident investigation. It may also be used in ports and harbours where local rules apply to some form of data recording for voice communications.


The X-VHFR VHF recorder is an economically priced and effective tool to assist operators of vessels exempt under current rules for carrying a voyage data recorder. The X-VHFR, in combination with a computer for playback, will construct an accurate history of events, whether it is for training and education purposes or for investigation and evidence purposes.


  • VHF audio and bridge audio recording
  • GPS time, AIS data, position and date recording
  • NMEA input for GPS and AIS
  • USB storage module means no moving parts
  • Easy access to data using PC with standard software or Mac with compatible software
  • Power and recording indicators built on the screen
  • Night vision mode for the screen
  • Console mounted with Screen Cowling option


  • POWER:                24vDC
    • PORT1 – 4800 for GPS
    • PORT2 – 38400 for AIS
  • AUDIO INPUT: 2 inputs, each AUDIO Input can be either a VHF Radio or an AMI Microphone
    • 64GB Flash Drive (holds approximately 6 days of data) as standard
    • 1 TB Hard Drive (holds approximately 3 months of data) optional
    • 64GB AMI Float Free Capsule (optional)
  • DIMENSION: 240 x 170 x 90mm
  • PLAYBACK SOFTWARE: Compatible to Windows 7 and newer platforms