KW932-C 32 Channel Interface

Product Description

DESIGNED FOR interfacing a VDR to….
  • Fire alarms
  • Fire doors, watertight doors
  • On/off status switches
  • Engine controls, telegraph, status, alarms

Typically these systems have a switch, an indicator panel, and a junction box where an on/off voltage may be intercepted.

The interfaces may be installed close to the switch junction boxes. AMI believe numerous interfaces, near the sources being monitored, are preferable to the running of many long cables to a central interface in the VDR.

KW 909

Input 8 groups of 4 opto isolated channels. Each group of 4 has its own common line.
Voltage input high level 2 to 240 volts DC or AC. Input loading 4 to 10 mA.
Voltage input must go to near zero (<5%) in the low state for reliable switching.
Can supply its own 24v output for use with isolated contacts such a micro-switches
Series resistors are fitted to each input at installation time to suit the voltage.
Output: NMEA 0183 and IEC 61162
$IIXDR for 1 to 8 sentences corresponding to the 8 groups of 4 inputs or Proprietary compact sentence example $PAMI,XDR,A,0101,0000,0000,1010,*HH cr lf 32 selectable identifiers to allow for multiple interfaces. (Interface “A” in example above)
Dip-switch selectable for the number of groups in the data output.
Sampling rate 1 second. Output rate 10 seconds & 1 second when input changes.
Features LEDS on all inputs and outputs.
Bypass switch to allow an interface’s data to be isolated from the chain.
Power Nominal 24v at 0.04 Amps. (18 to 32 volts)
Enclosure 275 x 175 x 65 mm aluminium enclosure. 11 glands for 7mm cable.


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