KW909-PPI Parallel Port Interface

Product Description

Many ships have a data-logging printer to print engine revs, telegraph, etc.

This interface converts that data into a form that can be used by modern electronics.

  • NMEA 0183 suitable for a voyage data recorder
  • RS232 compatible data for a printer

The interface appears as a printer to the ship’s computer so it need not know the difference. For the NMEA 0183 or IEC 61162 output the data is filtered so that only permitted characters are transmitted. Data fields become comma-separated to ease later analysis.

KW 909

Centronics type 36 way. This is the standard printer parallel port connection.
Input 2
Optional NMEA 0183 from a GPS. (GGA, VTG, RMC, ZDA)
Output 1
NMEA 0183, 5 volt level via 47 ohms per leg at 10 mA.
$ERTXT,01,N,T, followed by the data from the parallel port input, filtered as described.
“N” increases with each sentence from 01 to 99.
“T” is a number 1 to 4, set by DIP switch 3 & 4, to permit 4 interfaces to be used in a system.
Optional output: (switch 1 set on) $GPGGA, $GPVTG and $GPZDA sentences.
Data rate: in time with the GPS GGA input, which is expected to be 1 per second.
Output 2
RS232 compatible 5 volt level. Repeats the parallel port data at 4800 baud.
This output is to be used by a new printer, and contains any original control codes.
18 to 36 volts DC at less than 0.2 amps. Intended for 24 volt professional systems.
Power is isolated from the interface so that the output data may be grounded safely.
222 x 155 x 55 mm diecast aluminium box painted duck-egg blue.

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