KW909-FM Serial Data Combiner Interface

Product Description

The KW909-FM model connects up to 8 NMEA 0183 talkers and combines their data on to one output port. Applications include combining the data from several sources into SVDR, VDR, ECDIS or Radar.

Attention has to be given to possible overload of the output channel, as it can not possibly pass more than 480 characters per second at the NMEA 0183 standard rate of 4800 bits/sec. ANSWER: output at 38400.

The output rate can be switched by DIP switch to 38400 so as to pass through more data. With a 38400 baud output one input port can be switched from 4800 to 38400, which will allow serial connection of interfaces, or daisy chaining.

KW 909

Input NMEA 0183 opto isolated port for GPS input. Data input must contain speed over ground sentence VTG, RMC or GGA.
Output1 NMEA 0183, $GPGLL and $GPVTG.
Output rate 1 per second (other sentences to order) 5v CMOS limited 5mA drive.
NMEA 0183, RS422, RS232 compatible.
Output2 Two 5v CMOS drivers 5mA drive or pull-down.
200 pulse per mile. 128mS pulse. One output positive going, other port negative going. May drive most radar directly or else fit low current 5v relay.
Features LEDs on data in and out and bicolour status led.
Power fail and program run watchdog circuit.
All connections removable terminal blocks.
Power 9-32 Volts DC at 0.2 Amps.
Housing Duck Egg Green diecast box 222 x 146 x 55mm.

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