KW 903-M – M-Type Retransmission Unit

Product Description

compass_kw903_MM-Type transmission is found on many military and ex-military craft, so the application for the RTU is when the old gyro fails and a modern gyro has to be fitted. New gyros do not output M-Type stepper so the KW903-M allows the existing repeaters to be retained.
M-Type systems operate from their own battery supply, which has its own charger. The M-Type RTU retains the same arrangement.
For your information, M-Type transmission system has only 3 essential wires compared to 4 or 5 for S-type stepper or synchro systems.
There are 6 states per degree. The basic 24 volt supply may be required for illumination in the repeaters.

The KW903-M has a single rugged PCB as shown in the picture. It has an application as a transmitting magnetic compass for it will connect to an electronic compass system as well as a gyro..

Input :
Heading NMEA 0183 magnetic or gyro
Outputs :
M-Type transmission 3 wire.
Maximum current 8 Amps. (Repeaters take typically 0.6 amps each.)
Nominal voltage 24 volts. 24 volt output for illumination.
Rotation rate maximum 20 degrees per second.
Follow up:
can not lose step.
Change over low current DIL relay.
Power :
DC 24v nominal. (20 to 30 volts) from external battery or AC-DC supply.
Fused with resettable electronic fuses.
Mounting :
400 x 300 x 150 “duck egg blue/green” Eldon electrical enclosure with door Connection pluggable screw terminals.