HM-5907 Class B AIS


Product Description
The HM-5907 is a low cost AIS Class B Transponder, designed specifically for the small Commercial Boat, Fishing Boat and Leisure Markets. It meets the new Class B Standard that allows vessels that are not required to fit Class A units to voluntarily fit an AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponder.

The HM-5907 is a compact self contained unit with 7″ TFT 800×480 Display. When connected to an external VHF and GPS antenna will transmit its own vessels position and data, and also receive information from other vessels, shore stations and Navigational aids within VHF range presenting on its colour 7″ TFT Display.The information can be displayed on screen giving the skipper a visual interpretation of the name, position, course and speed of other vessels.

The HM-5907 provides a small vessel with:
• a method of monitoring the position, speed and heading of other vessels within VHF range
• the ability to plot the progress, changes in heading and speed of other vessels
• a vessels name, call sign and MMSI number to call up the target vessel on a DSC radio and ascertain their intentions automatic transmission of vessels own position, speed and heading to other vessels within VHF range

The information that is transmitted by the HM-5907 is as follows:
• Name of vessel • Call Sign • Type of vessel • Speed (SOG) • Course (COG)
• Heading • Vessel dimensions • MMSI Number •Position

The type of information that can be received by the HM-5907 is as follows:
• Transmissions from both Class A and Class B vessels
• Safety messages
• Aids to Navigation


• Self 7″ TFT LCD colour display with 800 x 480 resolution, LED backlight, wide angle view
• GPS Plotter function built in
• Text-to-speech broadcast
• Upgrade via USB disk or SD card
• Waypoints, routes can be copied by USB disk or SD card