Data Display & Control Unit

Data DisplaySP3000 Tug Display

The SP3000 Tug Display is designed for use on anchor handling ships to give guidance to the drop point, and signal the drop point back to the barge.

This rugged stand-alone unit is connected to a telemetry radio and GPS receiver

SP7000 Data Display and Control Unit

The SP7000 Data Display system is a touch screen, lighted display unit that decodes standard NMEA 183 sentences and can be used for a variety of applications requiring simple control and display functions. Custom software services are available for specific applications.

• 320×240 pixel, 143 mm (5.6”) diagonal, lighted LCD display:
• transflective grayscale, STN color, TFT color, or enhanced TFT color
• Standard NMEA 183 sentence decodes
• Custom software service for specific applications
• Touch screen with soft keys on and around viewable area.
• Two serial ports (2nd optional). EIA-232, -422, -485 on either.
• Full NEMA-4 sealing for hose-down, icing, salt spray.
• CE Certified, UL 94V-0 housing.
• Custom panel artwork and key legends

DISPLAY: It features a QVGA (320×240 pixel) STN color (256 colors) or grayscale (16 shades of gray) graphic LCD display. The terminal can optionally be configured with an active matrix, TFT color display for increased visibility. An enhanced TFT display is available for viewing in bright sunlight conditions.

The LCD display has excellent readability under most lighting conditions and can operate in either portrait or landscape mode. The display is lighted with a cold-cathode fluorescent backlight (CCFL). The CCFL backlight is replaceable and provides white lighting for high contrast and easy readability. Brightness of the backlight and contrast ( non TFT units ) are controlled by software.

TOUCH SCREEN / KEYPAD / KEYBOARD: User input occurs through a durable resistive touch screen via any number of keys located on or around the display and/or through an external keypad.

HOUSING: It offers a rugged, glass-filled polyester, (UL 94V-0) panel-mount housing that meets all NEMA-4 specifications for hose-down, icing and salt spray when mounted in a NEMA-4 panel.

The terminal is designed to be mounted in a hole cut in your panel. No screw holes are required; a gasket and mounting hardware are included with the unit.

The standard software includes decodes and displays for most of the common NMEA 183 sentences, but the base software can be customized to individual requirements. Standard features include day night displays and adjustable brightness.
Software programmable pitch and duration
Audio decoder for .wav file audio support is available as an option.


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