HMC’s Eco Trim

HMC developed an intelligent software tool (Eco Trim) that calculates the optimal trim for  a vessel aimed at reducing fuel consumption. Eco Trim consists of a trim optimization module for all types of Vessels. The hull of the vessel is being integrated within Eco Trim and is able to display the most efficient resistance curve by adjusting the trim based on the current loading condition.


Eco Trim uses the integrated hullform of the vessel to determine the most optimal resistance curves with a certain trim to minimize the fuel loss due to inefficient loading condition.


  • Cost Saving
  • Short-term Investment
  • Short-term Result
  • Short Implementation Process
  • Emission Reduction Benefits
  • Corporate Image Improvement (CSR)
  • Possibility of Integration with HMC’s loading instrument (CPC 2.0) for further optimization
  • Eco Trim displays optimal trim based on hullform and loading condition
  • Adjustments are quickly applied