NavTalk NMEA Spliter

Product Description

The NAVTALK acts as a selector, taking input from one of two nav-aids (Or the gyro) and provides 10 OUTPUTS for all manner of equipment.

You may find 3 Navtalks on some ships to ease the interfacing and integration of the ship’s navaids.

  1. GPS data for bridge equipment.
  2. GPS data from Inmarsat C to equipment in the GMDSS console
  3. Gyro heading data to bridge equipment.
  4. NavTalk
Input 2 Channel input
NMEA 0183, V1 or V2,
RS232 or RS422 format all rates up to 4800 baud data.
Output NMEA 0183 RS422 5v level differential drive PLUS
RS232 compatible 0-5v level.
5 mA maximum per line, limited with 47 ohm series resistors from 5v CMOS
Three of 10 outputs have common 0v, isolated from other signals.
Features 3 of the 10 outputs electrically isolated
Helps terminate screens correctly.
Economical junction box for a neat installation of many cables.
RS232 compatible output as well as NMEA 0183 and RS422.
LEDS on pcb to indicate power, channel in use, data input & output. “Alarm” output indicating which channel selected.
Power 10 to 32 v DC at less than 0.1 amp.
Enclosure ABS splash proof housing 160 x 240 x 60 mm.

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