KW920-SV Current Loop Converter

Product Description

The interface converts NMEA 0183 data from navigation instruments or sensors such as echo sounder & log into a 4 to 20 mA current loop. This is a recognised industrial standard commonly used to drive analogue indicators, data loggers, chart recorders and engine control systems. Voltages +/-10 volts dc and other variants are also used.

The interface can output: –

  • 4-20 mA or
  • +/-10 volts or
  • +/-5v or 0 to+5 volts

KW 909

Input NMEA 0183, RS422 or RS232 via opto isolated channel.
4-20 mA Output:- Max voltage 10 volts so 500 ohms is the highest value load.
Output Accuracy is typically better than 1%.
The current goes to zero if there is no input data.
Isolated from power, data and ground
Voltage Output +/- 10 volts for future options.
10K load minimum.
Data Outpu NMEA 0183 for monitoring & test. Bi-colour status LED.
Power 9 to 28 volts DC at less than 200 mA.
Housing Diecast box 222 x 146 x 55 mm.
Fitted with cable glands.
Removable terminal blocks on the PCB.

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