KW909-J Direction Reversing Interface

Product Description

Modern navigation aids send their data in NMEA 0183 format, and heading is related to ship’s bow. On a ferry with a stern facing bridge, the direction has to be reversed for the instruments to make sense.

This interface is programmed to reverse the direction of GYRO, RELATIVE WIND and DUAL AXIS LOG

A KW909 FM data combiner would be required to combine the data from the three instruments mentioned above to feed into the direction reversing KW909J.

KW 909

Input NMEA 0183 port. Opto isolated. Programmed for all NMEA heading sentences, required by specification $HEHDT, $WIMWV and $VDVBW.
NMEA Reversed data NMEA 0183.
0183 out $HEHDT output rate default is 1 per second and whenever heading changes.
$WIMWV, wind data in time with input.
$VDVBW, dual axis log in time with input.
5v CMOS limited 5mA drive.
NMEA 0183, RS422, RS232 compatible.
Features LEDs on data in and out and bicolour status led.
Power fail and program run watchdog circuit.
All connections removable terminal blocks.
Power 9-32 Volts DC at 0.2 Amps.
Housing Duck Egg Green diecast box 222 x 146 x 55mm fitted with compression glands.

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