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Normally radar expects to receive speed in the form of 200 pulses per mile. In the event of a log failure, speed over ground from the GPS can be supplemented in the form of a conventional log output.

The KW909 will connect to a GPS NMEA 0183 data line. It is programmed to receive the speed over ground (SOG) and generate pulses.
Two versions are available, giving pulses according to the speed in the direction of course over ground. By supplying GPS and heading data via a data combiner the second version will give pulses according to speed in the direction of the bow. This second version has applications with radar, which expects speed and heading to be related.

The accuracy of pulse output is dependant on the accuracy of the GPS input, in steps of 0.1 knot. The pulse output is for speed in the direction of course over ground not the bow. A version is available that gives pulses in the direction of the bow if both gyro heading and GPS are input.

KW 909

Input NMEA 0183 port. Opto isolated. Programmed for all NMEA heading sentences, required by specification $HEHDT, $WIMWV and $VDVBW.
NMEA Reversed data NMEA 0183.
0183 out $HEHDT output rate default is 1 per second and whenever heading changes.
$WIMWV, wind data in time with input.
$VDVBW, dual axis log in time with input.
5v CMOS limited 5mA drive.
NMEA 0183, RS422, RS232 compatible.
Features LEDs on data in and out and bicolour status led.
Power fail and program run watchdog circuit.
All connections removable terminal blocks.
Power 9-32 Volts DC at 0.2 Amps.
Housing Duck Egg Green diecast box 222 x 146 x 55mm fitted with compression glands.

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