KW909-B Best GPS Selector

Product Description

When two or more GPS are fitted, this device selects the “best” for transmission to the electronic chart system, GMDSS, VDR or radar. The KW909 (B) recognises the quality modes of the GPS signals.

If the status of both GPS signals is equal, channel 1 is selected as the priority channel.

Two output options are available, selectable by jumper:

  1. The KW909 reads in the data from each GPS, and generates its own output message. The interface outputs position, COG, SOG, date and time.
  2. The KW909 passes through all the data from the selected GPS.

KW 909

Input 2 NMEA 0183 ports. Data must contain the minimum of the $GPGGA sentence. Ideal are GGA, VTG and ZDA.
Output 1. NMEA 0183 $GPGGA, $GPVTG and $GPZDA. Rate is in time with the input.
2. NMEA 0183 data passed through from selected channel. 5v CMOS limited 5mA drive. NMEA 0183, RS422, RS232 compatible.
Control Centre-off switch to select CH1, AUTO or CH2.
Power 9 to 32v DC at 200mA.
Housing Enclosure 222 x 146 x 55mm.
LEDs on data in and out and bicolour status led.
Features Power fail and program run watchdog circuit.
All connections removable terminal blocks

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