HMC’s Hull Stress Monitoring System

HCMC with Sensors

HMC’s Hull Stress Monitoring System is a real time measuring method for continuously monitor the on-board stresses and forces in the hull. It also measures the motion fluctuations of the hull and wave heights around the ship.

It can be used either as stand-alone monitoring system or integrated in bridge information system. The system includes an alarm system for the crew in case the pre-defined design and operational strain limits are exceeded. The system processes, displays information and stores data for analysis.

The information displayed to the bridge includes:

  • Constructional strain, stress and fatigue
  • Motion Fluctuations


  • Translation to stress and bending movement
  • Check the maximum allowable bending movement



HMC’s Hull Monitoring System offers the following advantages:

  • It offers the possibility of reducing hull repairs and the risk of damaging cargo.
  • It provides data to plan ship maintenance, minimizing condition-based maintenance and supporting the classification process.
  • Empirical measurement results of the system may result in the optimization possibilities for ship constructions and the reduction of costs.
  • The system promotes the safety of vessel, cargo, passengers and crew by allowing the officers to reduce hull strain and increase the durability of the hull.
  • The system enables the officer to operate the vessel prudently.
  • The system provides data to estimate the fatigue life of the hull; more over, this data can be used to improve the design of new vessels.
  • Finally, the system acts as a recorder, which enables owners to monitor the handling of their vessel.