KW991CR Universal Course Recorder


Product Description

In the past course has been recorded with a pen-plotter and highly expensive custom graph paper. The KW991 uses a low cost dot matrix printer and plain paper (roll or fan-fold), and it prints intelligently in plain text, along with time.

The data may be recorded on a PC using a free data logging program, as a simple Voyage Data Recorder.

GPS input provides timing. A routine log of position and speed over ground is printed. The output data rate is variable, automatically, to this simple rule, to minimize the use of paper

Printout every 6 minutes when on course.
Printout every 10 seconds, if heading changes more than 2 degrees from last printout.
EXAMPLE 12:30:02 51 30.123 N 001 16.345 E 012.3 d 12.5 gspd 015.5 cog 29:03:99


Brief Specification:

Stepper, synchro, NMEA 0183
GPS input port (Essential)
Fluorescent display 166 x 41 mm
Tape: +/- 12.5 degrees
Digital display
Plain text course record
4800 baud ASCII plain English output
260 x 160 x 90 trunnion mount.
Colour near light Admiralty grey
10 to 32 volts at 12 watts
The KW991 is installed on HM Navy ships, Royal Fleet Auxiliaries, Customs launches, ferries. Vela, Sea River, US Sealift, Stena.