KW 903-SX – Synchro Retransmission Unit – Lower Power 0183

KW903-SXProduct Description

The KW 903-SX converts gyro heading data into a 1:1, 36:1, 90:1 or 360:1 synchro output. (Amongst others.)
It is used in retrofits on systems with the non-standard ratio. The power out is less than the SP version above, so it can only drive 1 to 4 repeaters. It can also be used on the standard 360:1 ratio, where it gives exceptionally smooth rotation.

The SX is used to drive 500 Hz AMUR repeaters.
A built in test facility allows progress to be monitored at each stage of the installation.

NOTE: A very low power version of this, the KW960 is also available for special applications.

Input : NMEA 0183.
Outputs : Synchro signals 25VA 50/60 Hz or 400 Hz. Signals adjustable 0 to 45 volts. Standard reference out 50/100v.
Power : Nominal 110/220 Volt 50/60Hz
Dimensions : 500mm x 400mm x 150mm ventilated steel enclosure
Mounting : Bulkhead
Note :
For 400 Hz use an external source is required. Ratio is set in the EPROM in the factory.