AIS Surveillance Solution

Product Description

With the application of AIS Base Station, or AIS Receiver, we offer a complete range of products for Port Monitoring and Surveillance applications.

Our sales team will assess your requirements and provide you with a solution that works for you. We will provide you professional AIS presentation software HORIZON to help you manage vessel traffic by utilizing existing AIS infrastructure, such as AIS Base Station, or AIS Receiver, or online AIS data.


For customers who require web access to the current vessel traffic situation, our professional tailored software allows you to view the vessel traffic in any area by sending information obtained from the website feed to units anywhere in the world. DataSwitch collects information received from our AIS Software and allows you to filter information, log the data for playback at a later time, and send all or some of the information to remote clients

Who will benefit from the solution:
Our services range includes:
•    Port authorities Vessel traffic management, monitoring and surveillance
•    Marine Administrations and Coast Guards – Search and Rescue (SAR), Buoy Tendering, Vessel Traffic Service, Coastal Surveillance, Dredging & Hydrographic Surveying, etc.
•    Shipowners and managers,
•   Offshore pipeline, or subsea cable owners/operators – surveillance vessels traffic in their pipelines/cables area to avoid anchorages of vessels.